August 20, 2009

Which Twitter Applications Are You Using ?

I'm using twitter for some time and it is a great tool to gather new information. I'm not usually tweet personal things on to my twitter account but many do. I'm using twitter to spread the news about my technology blog to fellow twitter users. The Basic idea is to send all my new posts which I put on my blog to twitter. For some twitter is a great tool to get visitors to their sites. Normally Twitter is web based tool that you can type 140 characters. But using few web base applications we can do many things with twitter. Here are few twitter applications that I'm using. How many of them are you using ?

  1. Tweet Later

  2. This web site allows you to send automatic welcome message to your new followers. Also this site allows you to automatically follow your new followers and automatically unfollow the twitter users who's in your following list that is not following you. The user interface is not that simple to use but this is a very good tool.

  3. Twitter Feed

  4. This website allows you to post any RSS or Atom feed to twitter automatically. I'm using this to send my blog posts automatically to twitter. Register on the site to use the service or you can use any of your existing Open ID's.

  5. Tweetmeme

  6. This website will let you to create a nice re-tweet button that you can put on your website or blog. This will let your visitors to tweet about your posts easily using the button.

  7. Twitter Counter

  8. This site gives you a nice twitter followers counter to your website or blog and you can monitor your followers stats on a nice graph.

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