August 9, 2009


What is an OpenID ?

Open ID is an open standard which can be use to log in to different services on the web using a single digital identity. With this technology you don’t have to memorize each and every user name and password you used to log in to your favorite online services. This may reduce the frustration on users caused by forgotten usernames and passwords and it may simplify the overall web experience. It is estimated that there are over one billion OpenID enabled user accounts with over 40,000 websites supporting OpenID for sign in.

How to get an OpenID ?

If you use any of the following services, you already have your own OpenID. Replace the bold text with your own username, screenname or member name of the service that you wish to use.


Blogger -

Flickr - Look for the “Sign in with Yahoo! ID” button or enter

Google - Look for the “Sign in with a Google Account” button

LiveDoor -

Livejournal -

My Space - Look for the “Login with MySpaceID” button or enter

Orange (France Telecom) -

SmugMug -

Technorati -

Vox -

WordPress -

Yahoo - Look for the “Sign in with Yahoo! ID” button

How to log in using a OpenID ?

If the website you trying to log in allows OpenID, you will find an OpenID login form somewhere on their page. Unlike a typical login form with fields for the user name and password, the OpenID login form has only one field - for the OpenID identifier, typically along with a small OpenID logo.

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