August 2, 2009

Related Posts For Blogger Using LinkWithin

Displaying related posts near to the main stories are very common among professional Blogs. It will attract your readers to dig more in to your blog to read similar stories. More digs means more page views. I'm pretty sure that you all love it. You will be able to find these widgets on some of the blogger templates. But LinkWithin related post widget is way more different than the others.

LinkWithin related post widget retrieve and index all stories from your blog archive, not just recent stories, then display them under each post with photo thumbnails. It's really easy to implement on your current blog and it does not requires any sign-ups. This widget is minimally styled (Black or white is the only options available) and blends in with your site design.

How to place this widget on your blog

You need to visit LinkWithin website to grab this widget. Fill the information on right hand side of the page and click the Get Widget button. It supports few main blogging platforms including blogger.

If you are using a simple blogger template just Install Widget button. It will automatically placed under blog posts. If not go to the blogger dashboard click the layout button and you can move the newly added HTML / Java Script box.

If you are a advance user select other from the platform drop down. This will show you the Java Script code and you can copy paste it where ever you like.

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