October 28, 2008

Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup

Backing up your Microsoft Outlook information is quicker and easier with the Personal Folders Backup feature. Personal Folders Backup creates backup copies of your .PST files at regular intervals, in Outlook 2002 and later versions, making it easy to keep all of your Outlook folders safely backed up.

With Personal Folders Backup, you can choose which of your .PST files you wish to back up, and how often you wish to back them up.

Each .PST file contains all of your Outlook folders, including the Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts. You can have a single .PST file (usually called "Internet Folders" or "Personal Folders" in your Folder List), but you might also have an additional .PST file that you use for archiving ("Archiving Folders"). Personal Folders Backup lets you back up any or all of these .PST files.

Personal Folders Backup only backs up .PST files. If you have a Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox, your server mailbox folders are likely backed up regularly by your server administrator so don't try do do it using this.

Rename your Blog

Did you ever wonder that you can have a real domain name for your blog completely free !! I have find one for you. It's also can be used to rename your email address and there is also a chance to increase the number of visitors coming to your site.

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Selecting a AOL desktop software

Latest AOL desktop version is 10.1 for the moment. But is this the best AOL desktop software for your computer ?

Recently i have worked with one of my clients complaining that her AOL freeze all the time. Is this a problem on new AOL software?

I don't think so !

So, here is my client's computer configuration.

It's a Gateway desktop PC

Intel Pentium 3 processor running at 866MHz

128 MB RAM


20 GB Hard Drive

Running on Windows Millenium

I know it's not the best computer during these days. But i have to fix her problem. So when I'm searching in the internet i found this. Its AOL 9.0VR Specially design for computers like this one right here.

So what do you need to install AOL 9.0VR on your computer ?