August 16, 2009

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is the new simplified Facebook interface that they are testing these days. This lite version offers you only basic functionality such as making comments, accepting friend requests, writing on Walls, and viewing photos. This Lite version of Facebook will be super fast comapring to the current Facebook. Because still they are testing it not everybody is allow to use it. Only few of the selected people got the invitation to use it.

Now back to our story, This simplified interface will help most users to interact with it more quickly and save some time for their other works. Most of people are addicted to facebook applications and spend hours of their time on them. This makes current Facebook website to function slower. Because it is slower more people attracted to Twitter. Which gives you similer service. So my guess is Facebook is trying to be simple and faster like twitter. Here is the Facebook Lite interface.

If you have no clue about what Facebook is (That's not normal)Facebook is worlds best social networking website. This website currently has more than 250 million active users worldwide. Need to know more about Facebook ? Watch this Video.

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