August 6, 2009

Terminal Server Printer Redirection Wizard Tool

If you are not sure what is Terminal Server Printer Redirection is let me explain it to you. If you ever logged in to your working place terminal server to worked from you home computer or may be from your laptop? Most of the time you'll use the remote desktop tool in order to connect to the terminal server. Did you able to print something from the server to your personal printer at your home or wherever you are ? Most of the time you can't. Printer redirection help you to achieve this task. But you may need assistance from your system administrator. Because you need to install the printer drivers on the server first. If it is not printing after that you may want to use this tool on your terminal server. I'm highly recommending this tool for system administrators out there who's facing these types of printing problems.

This tool will help resolve Terminal Server Printer Redirection errors. It can scan the event log of a Terminal Server to create a custom mapping file for administrators. With this custom mapping file you'll be able to redirect the printers to use the correct drivers installed in the terminal server. If you want to manually check Printer Redirection errors you have to go to the event viewer on the terminal server and you have to look for Event ID 1111 and Source ‘TermServDevices’ This tool runs on Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Server and on Windows Server 2003.

Download the Terminal Server Printer Redirection Wizard Tool from here. Save it to some place in your terminal server and run it. After accepting the license agreement you may want to select a folder in your terminal server to extract the files. You the browse button to select the folder.

Locate the TSPDRW.exe file from the extracted folder and run it. Click next and it will start to scan your computer.

Match the drivers for the printer showed in number 1 from the list of number 2. Then Click next. For this example I don't have much drivers installed but you might have a big list on number 2 area. Match drivers for all printers and restart the server to apply the changes.

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