December 22, 2011

How to copy uncopyable files from a CD

With time files stored on a CD or a DVD can be corrupted. Scratch marks, finger marks and dust make it hard for CD and DVD ROMs to read and extract the content. Did you ever wonder how to copy uncopyable valuable files from a damaged, scratched, dusty CD or DVD ? This post is about how you can copy these uncopyable files By using free software called CD Recovery tool box. You can restore lost information as a result of some mechanical damage of the disk (scratches, chips, different spots on the surface) or as a result of incorrect recording. Thus, the program can recover data that was considered lost.

December 16, 2011

AMD FX Vs Intel core i5

Over a month ago AMD has released an 8 core desktop processor called AMD FX. Today’s post is about if it’s any good against the Intel core i5 processor. Note that Intel core i5 processor is not the fastest processor which Intel produced on their core series. If we go back to our AMD FX processor line there are 4-core, 6-core and 8-core to be chosen from. You can only have 2 or 4 core setup on Intel core i5 product line. So the question is, can AMD’s new FX processor can beat Intel Core i5 processor ?

November 16, 2011

Speed Up Your PC For Free

If you are using Microsoft Windows operating systems on your PC definitely you will notice that with time your computer is getting slower and slower. With time technology changes and new fast computers are coming to the market. But if you are on a tight budget and does not want to put away your old PC here are some tricks that could make your PC run much faster for free.

August 17, 2011

Reset System and Hidden Attributes for Files or Folders Caused by Virus

Different virus causes different type of damage on your computer. Most of the time the virus are programmed to disable Windows Task Manager, Regedit, command prompt, folder options and etc. These restrictions are meant to prevent a normal computer user from using these built-in Windows diagnostic tools to remove the virus from computer.

June 21, 2011

This copy of Windows must be activated before you can log on

If you have read my previous post about "How to Activate Windows XP Without a Product Key" I'm pretty sure that you will need to read this also. There is a possibility that you will receive a error message which says "This copy of Windows must be activated before you can log on" after 30 days. Since you have already activated the windows it will not allow you to go to the desktop. So what do you do to log back in ?

June 16, 2011

How to Activate Windows XP Without a Product Key

Did you just install, or reinstall Windows XP on your Computer, and when you are trying to activate the software, Microsoft says that your product key is not genuine, the product is no longer available for retail sale, or the number of activations have been exceeded? It may ask you to call Microsoft to get a new product key, or purchase windows 7.