October 24, 2013

Missing Backup UI In Windows Server 2012

For older windows server operating systems like windows server 2003, backup program call "NTBackup" was there under the system tools section when it was installed for the first time. In Microsoft's latest windows server operating system called "Windows Server 2012" Windows Server Backup is not installed on default. It's located as a "feature" and need to be installed separately. You can do it by going in to the server manager window and choosing "Add Roles and Features" under the "Manage" menu item. But today's post is not about installing windows server backup feature. It's about recovering from a missing user interface for the windows server backup on Windows Server 2012.

The problems I faced was,

  • Windows server backup shortcut was not doing anything when clicked on it.
  • When I try to remove the feature and reinstall it the shortcuts also disappear from the administrative tools section.
  • Even though the user interface is missing I noticed the backup program is working fine as scheduled.
  • User interface never came up how many times I uninstall and reinstall the windows server backup feature.
  • Installing latest windows updates didn't help also.

The Solution,

  • Install "Network Load Balancing" Feature using Add Roles and Features on server manger window.

That's it. After that Windows Server Backup user interface will show up magically under administrative tools section.


  1. Wow. You've no idea how many times I've added and removed Windows Server Backup and rebooted this server.

    Thank you for saving me many more hours of irritation.

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. Amazing! it showed up. thank you very much