August 12, 2009

Google Voice

For my point of view Google Voice is great free service that we all should have. It's still on Beta testing and you can only get it by an invitation. Google voice is basically phone redirecting service. You'll have a Google phone number and all your other phone numbers are associated with it. You can decide which phone should ring according to who's calling. It can be your home phone, Office phone or your cell phone. You also get standard features like call forwarding, Voice mail, SMS and call conferencing with Google Voice. Best thing is if you change your cell phone number, Office phone number or may be your home phone number you just have to change it within the program, So you don't have to bother to send the news to everybody that you have changed your number. Your Google number will remain same no matter what.

If you interested on it click here to see how Google Voice works with your phones.

Click here to find out what's new on Google Voice.

If you are lucky enough to have a Google Voice account click here to log in to your account.

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