November 30, 2008

How to setup Blogger Tag Cloud / Label Cloud

Here is the code and setup information to use the Label Cloud in New Blogger. First you obviously have to have a blog on New Blogger, and you MUST be using the layouts templates,this isn't available for classic templates, or FTP published blogs and you must have some posts labeled already. There needs to be at least ONE label with more than ONE entry or the scripts hit a bug - so have at least one label with more than one entry before starting.

November 21, 2008

Themes for Gmail Inbox

As it's says on the gmail blog yesterday now you can spice up your gmail inbox with 30 new themes. Gmail team says if you didn't select one for your self they'll apply a theme automatically ! So why not log in to your gmail and add a theme by your self ?

So here is how to do it. As soon as you have log in to your gmail account you'll notice a new banner like this.

Click the link on it says "Themes tab" Or else do it on the hard way. Go to the gmail settings which showing on the top right hand side. Then the settings window appears and you can see a new tab appears in the end saying "Themes" Click that one and select a theme which you like.

Here are some of the great themes you'll find in there.

November 17, 2008

Working With Disc images

If you are downloading stuff from internet, for example Games, Software's most of the time you'll ended up with a single large file you can't even open. I know lot of people know what this is but this article for the people who don't know it. We are calling it as a disc image.

Most of games and software's in these days require to having the CD to run it or to repair and modify its contents. For the people who download or copied bunch of setup files on to their computer this is going to be a nightmare.

There is lot of Disk image standards. So the tool you are trying to use must have the ability to open that image type. For an example standard ISO image files can be open from lot of programs. Like Alcohol, Daemon tools, Nero image drive........... etc.

In here i'm attaching a link to download a free powerful tool that you can use to open disc images. It's called Magic Disc .

Download Magic Disc from here

After installing it you'll notice that another CD / DVD Rom is appearing on your computer. In this program you'll get a system tray icon too.

You can right click on that icon in the tray area and select virtual CD/DVD-Rom

Select one of the virtual CD/DVD Roms and select Mount

Browse and select the disk image you wish to mount then press ok.

Need more help on mounting CD images ?

Go to this link

November 14, 2008

Convert Windows File System to NTFS

Lot of people thinks if they convert their disks from FAT ot FAT32 to NTFS it's going to erace all the data on the disk. That is worng. With a simple dos command you all can make that change without deleting or moving a single file from your hard drive.

November 13, 2008

How to Choose a Video Card

Lot of people get in to trouble when they look for a good video card for their computers. This post explains, how to choose the best video card for your computer.

How to enable and configure the fax service in Windows XP

Windows XP can send, receive, track, and monitor faxes without an external fax machine. However, the fax component is not installed automatically during Windows setup. This step-by-step article describes how to install, enable, and configure the fax service in Windows XP.

November 9, 2008

Best Spyware Removers

What Is Spyware?

Spyware is any software that collects information about computer usage and or the computer user. It is installed on one computer and sends information to another computer.Some spywares like the Weather Bug, Bear Share and Kazaa are knowingly downloaded and installed by users. Other spyware is installed without the knowledge or permission of the user.

November 7, 2008

How To Read Yahoo Messenger Archive

Want to know what your Kids, Wife, Girl Friend or Employee doing on their yahoo messenger? Read yahoo chat conversations of everyone who uses or used your computer. No need their password to read their conversations. Enable archiving option directly from this program.

November 5, 2008

What is the Best Free Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is computer programs that attempt to identify, neutralize or eliminate malicious software. The term "antivirus" is used because the earliest examples were designed exclusively to combat computer viruses; however most modern antivirus software is now designed to combat a wide range of threats, including worms, phishing attacks, root-kits, Trojans, often described collectively as malware.