July 31, 2009

How To Protect Your Wireless Network

People more likely to have wireless devices rather than wired devices. Because of that more wireless devices coming out to the market everyday. Setting up a wireless device or wireless network will be more easier than setting up a regular wired network. Most people know how to setup a simple wireless network. But they don't know how to protect it from unauthorized users. Because of this your internet connection and your shared data on computer might be a easy target for others.

July 25, 2009

nv4_disp stuck in an infinite loop

I'm using a old GeForce 6200 AGP video card on my computer. I'm using latest drivers downloaded from NVIDIA website. Couple of weeks back I got a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Dead) saying "the device driver got stuck in an infinite loop" while loading the desktop icons. It didn't go away no matter what I did. I have tried to look for a answer to fix it from the web but none of them helped me to solve it. So I decided to do it by my own.

July 24, 2009

How To Unlock iPhone 3GS

You all may know by now the newest Apple smart phone Apple iPhone 3GS only supported by few mobile networks. If you are in US you have to use AT&T. So It's limited to certain mobile networks. For all other users it will be impossible to use a iPhone 3GS on other GSM networks until now. Thanks to iPhone Dev Team now we have a method for unlocking iPhone 3GS for all GSM networks.

Here is the instructions on how to proceed with iPhone 3GS jailbreak & unlock. You have to download few files from internet so obviously you should have some sort of a internet connection. Also to unlock the phone you need to download a file using your iPhone 3GS. Because your current Sim is not working with your iPhone 3GS (is the main reason why we are unlocking the phone)the only option is to use the Wifi. So make sure you are closer to a wifi source.

1. If you are a MAC user download Redsn0w from here

2. If you are a Windows user download Redsn0w from here

3. Download iPhone 3GS firmware IPSW for MAC from here

4. Download iphone 3GS firmware IPSW for Windows from here

To explain you how to do it I thought to add this video. It should be more interesting than reading.

After jailbreaking, to unlock the iPhone, add repo666.ultrasn0w.com to sources in cydia. Go into changes and install ultrasn0w. Insert GSM SIM and enjoy.

For more information visit dev team blog from here.

To know more about Cydia application click here

July 19, 2009

How To Manage Photos Uploaded to Blogger

As a Google Blogger you may already uploaded hundreds of photos to your blogs. Did you ever imagine that you can see all of those pictures you have uploaded in one place ? or may be to delete some of the photos that you are not using anymore on your blog ? Picasa web albums from Google will hold all those pictures for you. You can manage all your uploaded photos from there.

You can sign in to it using your Google Account. Once you get in you can see all of your photos uploaded to your blogger blogs. Photos uploaded to your blogs are contained in different folders according to the number of blogs you have. The folder name will be your blog name. If you delete an image from the Blogger album here, the image will be removed from your Blogger blog as well, so please delete images with care!

July 18, 2009

Common Errors When Converting a Windows File System

I have posted a article about Convert Windows File System to NTFS on this blog some time ago. To day in this post I'm going to discuss few of the error messages that you might get in the process of converting your drives in to NTFS.

Error 1 - "Access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges. you have to invoke this utility running in elevated mode"

Resolution - You might get this error especially if you are using Windows Vista.

Go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories - then click right mouse button on command prompt and get the menu.

You'll get "Run As" as the second option.

Then Select the option "The following user" -> Select Administrator -> Type the password if you have one or leave it blank if not.

It will run the command prompt as the administrator.

Error 2 - "Enter current volume label for drive"

Resolution - You can find the Volume label just before the drive letter on My computer window. If it's saying "Local Disk" you can leave volume label empty. If it has anything else showed up in there you need to type exact same thin under the volume label.

Error 3 - "This drive is dirty and cannot be converted.you will need to clear the dirty bit on this drive by running CHKDSK/f or allowing AUTOCHK to run on it the next time you reboot."

Resolution - Right click on your drive and select properties -> Go to tools tab -> Under the error checking section click the "check now" button. Most of the time it will say "disk check will run on next time you boot the computer". Restart the computer. Leave the disk check run while the boot up. Let it scan and fix your drive.

July 12, 2009

How To Synchronize With Yahoo Autosync

Yahoo Autosync synchronizes the information you store in Yahoo Address Book, Calendar, ToDo List, and Notepad with your Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Palm Desktop. Yahoo Autosync compares your Yahoo data to the data in your application and makes whatever changes are necessary in either system to make sure that they both contain the same data. That way, when you add or delete something in one system and not the other, Yahoo! Autosync adds or deletes it in the system that needs updating.

July 8, 2009

Watch Michael Jackson Funeral Live Online

The historic funeral service will take place at 10:00 a.m. P.S.T on Tuesday, July 7th although there will likely be plenty going on running up to the service, and long into the night afterwards.

The iconic musician and legendary dance is to be buried at the Forest Lawn Cemeter, about 13 miles away from the public memorial at the Staples Center. He will be buried in a $25,000 Promethean, a solid bronze and gold-plated casket. The coffin will feature a blue velvet interior and a hand-polished, mirror finish. The coffin is based on the same casket used to bury James Brown.

Watch live broad cast using following links. Some links are serving only to some parts of the world.

CNN - Watch here

CBS - Watch here

Justin.TV - Watch here

USA Today - Watch here

BBC - Watch here

July 7, 2009

Spyware, Malware and adware removing solutions

Spyware, Malware or Adware infections are very common in these days. Especially if you are browsing internet, visiting porn and illegal software websites. Spyware infections are very common with nowise users and internet beginners that used to click every thing and anything that they see on the screen. Removing these infections are little bit difficult sometimes. Earlier I have posted a article about best spyware removal software. You can try one of those if you have spayware, Malware or Adware problem in your computer. To day I'm not going to talk about spyware removing tools. This article is about a website that provide you information about how to remove these infections from your computer.

This web site is called remove-malware.net and it contains hundreds of instructions to remove Spyware, Malware and Adware. I'm using this site more often to get help to remove infections off from my customers computers and I honestly think this will help you to resolve many of your problems. Some times you have to have some sort of advanced knowledge to perform the instructions given on this website. But, you can safely do that if you read them carefully and follow the instructions step by step. For most users I'm recommending to use a some sort of a spyware removing tool to clean their computers. If you are a advanced computer user this might be the best site if your on to spyware, Malware or Adware problems.

July 4, 2009

Most Powerful 17 Inch Gaming Notebook in the Universe

Packed with two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M graphic cards the new Alienware M17x is the most powerful 17 inch notebook in the universe. But you won't get this setup for the $1,799 starting price of this notebook which I think is too much. But, with it's nice look and performance it will be a great gaming notebook.

For the $1,799 base model you'll get a M17x notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4GHz(3MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB) processor, Single NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M, 1GB graphic card, 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAMS at 1066MHz memory clock, 250GB 7,200RPM Hard drive, Slot-Load Dual Layer DVD Burner and with Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bit)

Alienware laptops usually comes with there unique software. With the use of Alienware Command Center you can customize the lighting on your notebook and AlienFusion allows you to manage power consumption of the notebook. This is equipped with AlienSense technology that identifies numerous distinguishing features of your face through its web cam and verify biometric measurements in the notebook.

If you wish to learn more about this system or customize it to your specifications please visit this website.

Firefox 3.5 and Its Features

Mozilla Firefox, the famous web browser released its latest version on 30th of June 2009. It's the version 3.5 so, they have jumped from 3.0.11 to 3.5 They have made it to work super fast and it has many new features. Lot of older features are also tweaked in the newer version.

The new Java script engine called as TraceMonkey is letting this browser to perform faster. They have added private browsing feature in Firefox 3.5 so you can browse the
web without leaving any trace. It supports HTML 5 also. New location awareness feature lets you to get more relevant results in your web search. Everybody love the address bar in Firefox which calls awesome bar now finds site for you much better. With its customizable features, add-ons and productivity features like spell checking (Which I love most), Download manager and session restore this browser will be the ultimate web browser of the future.

If you are a existing Firefox user you can update your browser by going in to Help menu and selecting the option called Check for updates or else you can visit Mozilla Firefox website and download it for free.