September 15, 2009

Intel Core i5 Processors and P55 Express Chipset

On this September Intel launched their new "Lynnfield" based Core i5 and i7 800 series processors, and the accompanying P55 Express chipset. The whole idea is to target mainstream computing segment in the market. In United states Core i5-750 processor price is floating around $200 which is more affordable comparing to Corei7. (Click here to shop for Core i5-750 processor) Speaking about the P55 express chipset, because the Core i5 and Core i7 800 series processors feature integrated memory controllers and 16 PCI Express 2.0 lanes, virtually all of the functionality previously integrated into a northbridge is now on the CPU. As such, the P55 Express is essentially a southbridge chip, linked directly to the processor.

Intel claims that Core i5 processors can multitask up to 28% faster and 32% improvement in artificial intelligence for game characters and realistic physics for game worlds. With Turbo Boost Technology Core i5 processor can accelerates processor clock speed up to 20% to match your workload. It contains 4 core's and clock speeds can change from 2.66 GHz up to 3.20 with turbo boost. For this new processor Intel introduced a new LGA1156 Packaging so this new processor will not compatible with your old motherboards.

All main motherboard manufacturers are making P55 motherboards. Here is a picture of a P55 system diagram.

If you are interested in Intel motherboards you have their Extreme Series and Media Series to choose from. Extreme Series represented by DP55KG, DP55SB models and Media Series represented by DP55WG, DP55WB models.

This video explains the difference between Intel Extreme Series and Media Series mother boards.

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