September 5, 2009

Fixed nv4_disp stuck in an infinite loop problem

If you are reading this blog you may know that I have a problem on my computer. I'm getting a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Dead) saying "the device driver got stuck in an infinite loop" while loading the desktop icons. Earlier I have posted a tip to prevent this occurring again. (Read my previous post about nv4_disp stuck in an infinite loop from here) But unfortunately it didn't work for me too long. During last week i faced this problem over and over again. Since there was no correct solution anywhere I have to uninstalled the display drivers and use my computer for time being. It was so difficult.

I don't want to believe that my VGA card was damaged some how because without drivers it is working fine. But just to make sure it's condition I have decided to take a look at the inside of my computer. I have not open the case for many months and it's full of dust. So I have blow out the dust using a blower and then removed the VGA card from the mother board. I have checked the circuit board and every part of the card and couldn't find any problem. So I have clean it up also and fixed it back to the mother board. Then I have boot my system back and installed the drivers for the VGA card once again.

Wow ! This time it worked. Drivers installed without any problem and my desktop load after the restart without any problem. I'm using my computer for weeks now without any problem. So, here is my tip if you are having the same problem on a older computer. Please clean your computer, clean your VGA card, clean the slots then give it a try again. Let me know if that worked for you. Good Luck !

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