November 16, 2011

Speed Up Your PC For Free

If you are using Microsoft Windows operating systems on your PC definitely you will notice that with time your computer is getting slower and slower. With time technology changes and new fast computers are coming to the market. But if you are on a tight budget and does not want to put away your old PC here are some tricks that could make your PC run much faster for free.

Viruses and spywares would be the number 1 cause for slow computers. So, having a good virus and spyware protection is a must. If your virus or spyware protection is not up to date there is no point of having one. So make sure that the program is updating regularly.

You can check free virus protection programs from here

You can check free spyware protection programs from here

keep your windows operating system up to date is an other good practice. Keeping it up to date does not mean that you need to purchase the latest version of OS when it's released. You can use Windows updates feature to keep your existing windows version up to date with latest Microsoft updates. You will need a good internet connection and genuine windows operating system software to perform this action.

Get rid of the unwanted software you having on your PC. You can remove expired trail versions, unwanted tool bars and even unwanted services and features from your windows operating system.

Clean your temporary files and cookies. You could use a free program like CCleaner to perform these functions. Cleaning up temporary files always free some room on your hard drive and will make you computer run much faster.

Defrag your hard drive. You can use built in windows feature or free third party software to perform this action. For the latest Windows 7 version defrag is a automated process. For other versions you have to do it manually. You can find this tool under start menu - accessories - System tools. Make sure to restart your computer when it is done.

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