December 16, 2011

AMD FX Vs Intel core i5

Over a month ago AMD has released an 8 core desktop processor called AMD FX. Today’s post is about if it’s any good against the Intel core i5 processor. Note that Intel core i5 processor is not the fastest processor which Intel produced on their core series. If we go back to our AMD FX processor line there are 4-core, 6-core and 8-core to be chosen from. You can only have 2 or 4 core setup on Intel core i5 product line. So the question is, can AMD’s new FX processor can beat Intel Core i5 processor ?

Before we answer to that question, Here is a processor comparison between AMD FX Vs Intel Core i5 on technological wise.


Also according to the PassMark CPU bench marking AMD FX lays on 24th place from the top while Intel core i5 lays 37th place on the list.


So will AMD FX beat Intel core i5 ? The answer is yes & No. If you're using AMD FX for video rendering, video encoding or to run Multi-threaded applications yes it will beat the Intel Core i5 processor. But If you're on to games, definitely Intel Core i5 will beat AMD FX because most of the games are designed to use less than 3 cores or so, it will not take the advantage of a 8 core processor.

Also you can buy AMD FX 8-core processor around 210 USD and Intel Core i5 2500k for around 216-224 USD by the time I'm writing this note. Surely prices will go down with latest future processors of both of these companies.