July 24, 2009

How To Unlock iPhone 3GS

You all may know by now the newest Apple smart phone Apple iPhone 3GS only supported by few mobile networks. If you are in US you have to use AT&T. So It's limited to certain mobile networks. For all other users it will be impossible to use a iPhone 3GS on other GSM networks until now. Thanks to iPhone Dev Team now we have a method for unlocking iPhone 3GS for all GSM networks.

Here is the instructions on how to proceed with iPhone 3GS jailbreak & unlock. You have to download few files from internet so obviously you should have some sort of a internet connection. Also to unlock the phone you need to download a file using your iPhone 3GS. Because your current Sim is not working with your iPhone 3GS (is the main reason why we are unlocking the phone)the only option is to use the Wifi. So make sure you are closer to a wifi source.

1. If you are a MAC user download Redsn0w from here

2. If you are a Windows user download Redsn0w from here

3. Download iPhone 3GS firmware IPSW for MAC from here

4. Download iphone 3GS firmware IPSW for Windows from here

To explain you how to do it I thought to add this video. It should be more interesting than reading.

After jailbreaking, to unlock the iPhone, add repo666.ultrasn0w.com to sources in cydia. Go into changes and install ultrasn0w. Insert GSM SIM and enjoy.

For more information visit dev team blog from here.

To know more about Cydia application click here

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