July 4, 2009

Firefox 3.5 and Its Features

Mozilla Firefox, the famous web browser released its latest version on 30th of June 2009. It's the version 3.5 so, they have jumped from 3.0.11 to 3.5 They have made it to work super fast and it has many new features. Lot of older features are also tweaked in the newer version.

The new Java script engine called as TraceMonkey is letting this browser to perform faster. They have added private browsing feature in Firefox 3.5 so you can browse the
web without leaving any trace. It supports HTML 5 also. New location awareness feature lets you to get more relevant results in your web search. Everybody love the address bar in Firefox which calls awesome bar now finds site for you much better. With its customizable features, add-ons and productivity features like spell checking (Which I love most), Download manager and session restore this browser will be the ultimate web browser of the future.

If you are a existing Firefox user you can update your browser by going in to Help menu and selecting the option called Check for updates or else you can visit Mozilla Firefox website and download it for free.

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