July 18, 2009

Common Errors When Converting a Windows File System

I have posted a article about Convert Windows File System to NTFS on this blog some time ago. To day in this post I'm going to discuss few of the error messages that you might get in the process of converting your drives in to NTFS.

Error 1 - "Access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges. you have to invoke this utility running in elevated mode"

Resolution - You might get this error especially if you are using Windows Vista.

Go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories - then click right mouse button on command prompt and get the menu.

You'll get "Run As" as the second option.

Then Select the option "The following user" -> Select Administrator -> Type the password if you have one or leave it blank if not.

It will run the command prompt as the administrator.

Error 2 - "Enter current volume label for drive"

Resolution - You can find the Volume label just before the drive letter on My computer window. If it's saying "Local Disk" you can leave volume label empty. If it has anything else showed up in there you need to type exact same thin under the volume label.

Error 3 - "This drive is dirty and cannot be converted.you will need to clear the dirty bit on this drive by running CHKDSK/f or allowing AUTOCHK to run on it the next time you reboot."

Resolution - Right click on your drive and select properties -> Go to tools tab -> Under the error checking section click the "check now" button. Most of the time it will say "disk check will run on next time you boot the computer". Restart the computer. Leave the disk check run while the boot up. Let it scan and fix your drive.

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