May 20, 2009

Windows 7 Installation

I have downloaded my copy of Windows 7 RC last week. The I decided to install it on my home computer which runs on Windows XP Professional. I have a very old Pentium 4 computer so, before the installation I want to check whether my computer suits for Windows 7. I have checked the minimum requirements for it from the Windows 7 Official website from Microsoft. It was Ok. So I have insert the disc to the drive and started the windows setup on top of Windows XP.

The initial screens were very beautiful. May be the most beautiful setup screens I have ever seen for a Operating system installation.

It's going to download some files from the internet to make every thing working smooth.

Have to Accept the Licenses Agreement.

Because I'm running it on top of Windows XP it's prompted me to upgrade it or to install a fresh installation on a different partition.

So, I have selected a empty partition for a new installation. (I don't want to say good bye to Windows XP, not yet ! )

File copying progress.

After few restarts everything was installed. If you interested in what's new on Windows 7 RC please watch this video. You might want to install Microsoft Silverlight to view this video. Don't worry you can always download it from the given link on the page.

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