May 6, 2009

Real time SinGlish to Sinhala unicode converter

If you are not familiar with sinhala typing like me, here is a interesting website that you can convert your English words (Not exactly English it's called Singlish, Sinhala words typed in English) to Sinhala in real time. This website was developed by University of Colombo School of Computing.

If you are planing to write something as a comment, your email signature or may be something in Facebook in Sinhala Language this would be a ideal place to start. Please visit this website to access the Sinhala Unicode converter.

If you wish to have a dynamic Sinhala keyboard on a web page for easy text input please visit this website.


Now you can also use Google transliteration tool to type in Sinhalese. It's pretty much simple. Type the sinhala word using english letters and press space key to convert it in to Sinhalese. That's it. Use this link to get to Google transliteration tool