April 12, 2009

nVIDIA Ion Platform

What is nVIDIA's Ion platform ? It is a combination of the Nvidia GPU with an Intel Atom microprocessor that's comes with a small-form-factor design. So, What is special about this PC ? As you all know, Netbooks which runs on Intel Atom processor just allowing you to do your regular stuff. It is really difficult to Play a good quality video game or watch a high definition videos on a netbook. But recently Acer and Nvidia announce their first Ion PC which called "AspireRevo" This product features the incredible graphics processing power of NVIDIA ION coupled with the low power Intel Atom 230 processor. This Ion PC allows you to Watch 1080p HD movies, play DirectX 10 games at great frame rates, and enjoy all the 3D capabilities of Microsoft Windows Vista Premium.


Watch these videos and take a good look at it.


  1. well but only time will tell there capability....till then i think our assumptions cant be that accurate.....

  2. Yes, I know ! But if everything goes good this will be the next step for personal computers.