March 27, 2009

Intel Atom CPU

Atom is a new dedicated Intel processor for MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) such as netbooks and nettops. It has most modern functions like EM64T, SSSE3, etc. The Atom is the first in-order x86 since the Pentium. But don’t expect a competitor to Core 2 Duo from this Atom CPU.

Atom is a different architecture in the sense that it was designed to reduce power consumption and that the processor uses a totally new design. It isn’t an adaptation of an earlier architecture. So it's using less power Consumption than the all other processors.

Latest Atom processors such as Atom 330 is a 1.60 GHz (FSB533) dual core processor.


  • The price: $29 for an Atom 230
  • Low power consumption
  • HyperThreading, a good feature on this processor


  • Weak overall performance
  • The chipsets
  • Very poor 3D performances
  • A mismatched platform

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