December 7, 2008

Note Book vs Net Book

Today I’m going to explain our readers about a Net book. A net book is a very small, light weight, low cost, energy efficient laptop, generally optimized for internet based services such as web browsing and emailing. But don't think it's going to do all work that your notebook can do.

There is lot of limitations on a Net book. For example it has a slower processor, Small hard drive space, small screen and no optical drives. (CD/DVD Drives)On the other hand your notebook will have more power full processor, more hard drive space, bigger screen and CD/DVD drives.

Most of the time a net book will cost $350 - $500 and your notebook will cost you around $1000

You will find pre installed Linux and Microsoft Windows XP on net books as they are not ready for Windows Vista.

If you are more interested about this article please watch the following video also. This will explain a lot.

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