January 30, 2009

What's Inside Windows 7

Few days ago I have installed Windows 7 on a test computer. But I haven't got a time to check it. But today I thought to make a post about it. In this post you'll find some of the new things that included with windows 7. I'm writing this post using the same windows 7 computer.

Before we start; I'll let you people know my system configuration for this test computer.

Processor : Intel Celeron 2.8 GHz
RAM : 1.5 GB DDR 1
VGA : Geforce FX 5200 (AGP) 128MB
Hard Drive : 80 GB SATA
Optical Drive : Standard DVD ROM

That gives me a Rating of 2.0 on windows experience Index.

First thing I did notice was It's almost like windows Vista. But there are lot of changes have been made to it. The Task bar is changed. You won't have longer names displayed on it any more. It's just showing the program Icon now. If you open couple of windows for same program it's still showing you one Icon. But if you move your mouse over it, it will display all. Show desktop button has moved to the right hand coner of the taskbar.

One other change that i have noticed was when I’m taking the screen shots; they have changed the Microsoft Paint program. Now it's look like Microsoft office 2007 application. You can do many more things now with the paint program.

It's coming with Internet Explorer 8. So far I didn't find any errors on it.

Control pannel is little bit changed but pretty much same as windows vista. What's new is now you have a button called "All control pannel items" that's take you to the classic control pannel. Security center renamed as Action center in here and you'll find new item called "Biometric Devices" that's allow you to manage your finger print recognition device which help you to log in to the system.

Windows calculator is really good looking in Windows 7. Other than old Standard and Scientific mode it does have programmer mode and statistics mode. It's really cool.

Finally I found few more things as Sticky notes, new games and a cool resource monitor program.

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