January 4, 2009

IM From Any Browser - Yahoo Messenger For The Web

Yahoo! Messenger for the web is designed to complement Yahoo! Messenger on your desktop. What it does do is handle the basics: your Messenger List and real-time online conversations. Adding contacts and adjusting your status. Even saving and searching your past messages.

There is no downloading and installations, you just have to visit the web page and logged in. That's it. What you need is Adobe Flash 9 installed in whichever of the popular browsers you use eg:- Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Yahoo messenger for web is grate if you are traveling a lot and using internet cafe's to get online.

In the web version of Messenger, your image/avatar is on display, and your stealth settings and block list are also in effect. But you can't modify these things. To make those adjustments, use the application (the 'client') that’s installed on your computer.

In Messenger for the Web, you also won’t be able to conference, chat, transfer files or share photos; or use webcams, Voice, IMvironments, LaunchCast Radio, PlugIns, or audibles.

Try it today.

Visit yahoo messenger for web from here

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