October 24, 2009

Windows 7 Release

Windows 7 Release is an old news now since it happens on 22nd of October 2009. But the excitement to have a newer Microsoft Operating system is always very huge. With the bad feed back which they got for their previous Operating system "Windows Vista" Microsoft promise this will be the replacement for all those problems. But Apple (Other main competitor in Operating system industry) is not sure about this promise and decided to use this for their new commercial. But Windows 7 become the biggest pre-order item in the history of Amazon UK. After 8 long years since Microsoft has released Windows XP now Microsoft users have a solid operating system that can replace their Windows XP computers.

If you’re interested about prices, the price is $319 for Windows 7 Ultimate, and $299 for the Professional version ($219 and $199 for the upgrade, respectively). Windows 7 Home Premium will be $199, and an upgrade from either Vista or XP will cost you $119.

Speaking about the Windows 7 launch event it was very simple and short one. It almost went up to one hour. If you were not able to watch it until now here is it. You may need to install Microsoft Silverlight to watch this video. You can also go to Microsoft PressPass Website for more photos and videos.

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