October 5, 2009

Facebook and Games

People spent more than 6 billion minutes on Facebook each day. From 300 million+ active users, approximately 150 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day. (Source Facebook Statistics) Apart from basic Facebook activities like comments, photo upload, video sharing the best thing to keep you occupied on Facebook is Facebook Apps. Especially Facebook games. Multiplayer games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, Texas HoldEm Poker are on the top of the list.

In my country farming games like Farmville, Farm Town, Barn Buddy and Farm Pals are more popular and Facebook users spend most of their time on them. Normally girls don't like to play computer games but on Facebook it's a different story. There are lot of girls playing these online games.

Personally I'm not interested in Facebook games even I'm a PC gamer for long time. But for the people who love it here is the Facebook game page which contains all the Facebook games.

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  1. wow that is the nice information, I am looking for this kinda information from many days. So i knew almost 6 billion minutes facebook is running on Computers. Thanks for sharing valueable information with us.