December 11, 2009

Unable to open drives by double clicking

Most of the time this is caused by a virus or malware. This type of viruses and malwares mostly spreading through a flash drive which you are taking everywhere. The problem is when you have removed the virus or malware using a virus remover or malware remover still you can't open drives by double clicking on them. This happens because the changes that happen to registry values not been set to normal by the virus or malware removing software. So we need to manually correct them.

First of all we need to check the hard drives for autorun.ini files that can cause this problem.

To do that go to start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer

From the left side pane click on the one of your drives.

On the tools menu go to Folder Options. Go to View tab and select show hidden files and folders. Also uncheck the Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) setting.

Look for any autorun.ini files on every hard drive partitions and delete them.

Go to Folder options once again and undo the things you have done in step number 3.

Then go to run then type "regedit" to get the registry editor.

Go to Edit menu -> find or click "ctrl+f"

On Find what field type "mountpoints2" then press Find Next button.

Delete the registry entry which found by the find command.

Run this command until you didn't getting any results for "mountpoints2" value.

That's it. Problem Solved.

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