June 1, 2009

Google Chrome 2

If you are tired with your current web browsers, Try newly released Google Chrome version 2. It's been a beta test for this since March and now they have released the final version of it. It's super fast and stable also they have fixed lot of problems that came with the first release. From the speed it's only one step behind on Apple Safari web browser. That means it has beaten the Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

So, How to install it on your computer ? Probably you are having a older version of Chrome running on your computer. If you have it open the browser and go to tools button on the browser then press About Google Chrome option. It will open up a window and in there down at the bottom you'll find a update now button. If you are new to Google Chrome please go to this website and download it to your computer. Follow this video if you have difficulties following my steps.

To demonstrate the new features of Google Chrome 2 I thought to add a video. It may be more interesting rather than reading.

But according to the w3shools web statistics Mozilla Firefox is still in lead and Microsoft Internet explore is on their tail. Here is the list.

IE 6 - 15.4%
IE 7 - 23.2%
IE 8 - 3.5%

FX - 47.1%

Chrome - 4.9%

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